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Ashley Worhol

Vocalist / Keyboardist

Ashley Worhol was born in Houston, Texas on January 4th, 1991 and began developing her musical abilities in the early stages of her childhood. Being the daughter of a musician, she was exposed to the constant sounds of her father (Larry Worhol) practicing and playing the piano. She would crawl onto her dads lap at the piano and then begin playing her expressive little melodies. She was enrolled in piano lesson at age 5 and her first composition came about at age eight and was aired live on the Dean & Rog Radio Show. At one point during her childhood she started playing the piano by ear and ever since then that is how she writes her music. She even picked out the theme to the movie “Free Willy” at an early age and by that time her parents knew she would be able to pick out anything. She began studying piano with her father in her later childhood years, and at that time also developed a love for singing. She was never shy, and given the chance, would sing in front of anybody and everybody. During her Junior and Senior High School Years Ashley was involved in everything musical she could work into her schedule. She was in the Varsity Mixed Choir, Women’s Ensemble Choir, Regional Choir, Mavriety Shows (talent shows), Maverican Idol, and participated in the schools musical production of “The Wizard of OZ”. During this period of time, Ashley began taking private voice lessons and was playing keyboards in the youth church band at the Fellowship of Cinco Ranch in Katy Texas. In 2010, Ashley laid down the vocal tracks for producer Vernon Heard on his Song “Masterpiece” (released March 07, 2011) for the non- profit organization, Portraits of Hope.

May of 2013 Ashley graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a BA Degree in Music Composition. At the University of St. Thomas, she studied vocals, violin and theory/ composition. She was a performing member of the UST Singers (4 years) as well as the UST Pop Choir (2 years).

Presently, Ashley is writing, arranging, and performing professionally. She is working together with her father, Larry Worhol, with their group Worhol. Together they have formed a strong and productive musical team – writing, arranging and producing original compositions. Ashley has always wanted to be a performer as well as write instrumentals for movie soundtracks. Through the years the pathways have opened for each of these opportunities. Ashley not only writes the music along side of her father she also writes the lyrics to each an every song. All of the songs have a hint of previous experiences she had in her life as well as hidden messages. She portrays passion and emotion into her music and has the end goal of sharing her voice with the world.