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Larry Worhol


Larry Worhol was born in Houston, Texas and began studying piano at the age of seven. At the age of eight he began performing in front of audiences in recitals, competitions, and theatrical plays. At the age of twelve he held the position of church organist at Holy Name Catholic Church. At thirteen, guitar was added to his musical skills. He continued his study of music through early adolescences, and played piano and guitar in numerous Top 40, Pop, and Rock and Roll bands that toured Texas and surrounding States. In 1973, at the age of twenty, he entered The University of St Thomas and studied music theory, composition, orchestration, and piano performance. He was an active member and performer with The University New Music Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, and Liturgical Singers. In June of 1978, he received his Bachelor of Arts Degree. August of 1978, he received certification in Multi Track Recording and Mixing from the Recording Institute of America (RIA). After college he continued studying piano by taking private lesson with Mozart Hammond (The Houston Conservatory of Music), and Albert Hurst (The University of Houston). He later studied Jazz with pianist Sidney Davis.

Although Larry Worhol has played professionally in duos, trios, quartets, and bands, he has performed as a solo pianist in various Hotels, Restaurants, Night Clubs, Fashion Shows, and Country Clubs in the Houston and surrounding areas for the past 35 years. His repertoire as a solo pianist consists of: Classical, Christian, Jazz, Popular, Blues, Rock and Roll, Country, Easy Listening, Rag Time, Old Standards, Boogie, Swing, Broadway, Show Tunes, and Movie Themes. All of which have been arranged by him.

Larry Worhol has been active in the field of musical composition and song writing. In July of 2001, he was commissioned by the Museum Of Fine Arts to compose and perform the music for the silent film Diary of a Lost Girl by G.W. Pabst during Silent Film Festival. In 2005, he wrote and recorded the Theme Song for “The Sauras Family” video. In 2010, Larry Worhol and his daughter, Ashley Worhol, worked with producer Vernon Heard on the song “Masterpiece” (released March 07, 2011) for the non-profit organization Portraits of Hope. Now that Larry’s daughter Ashley has graduated college they are able to fulfill their dreams of composing and performing together.